Katie Reid

Ryn Reid Commissions has closed.

Katie Reid, founder and artist, died suddenly in March. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about commissions or shows. Thanks for your support and, in the spirit of Katie, be creative every day!

FlatCon was Fabulous!

I got a couple commissions and was able to get pictures of some awesome people holding Chompy, our plastic dino. (He’s a star!) I will be posting these later today!

Thanks to everyone who came by and even looked. Right now I am finishing up a commission, and toiling away to finish the end of Inktober! Checkout my Inktober page to look at all the shinies- they are also all for sale!

Send me an email if you’re interested in anything you see! <3 thanks all.

Flatcon- T-Minus 8 Days!

Hey all! Its my favorite time of year- FlatCon! Three whole days doing art with some great local friends and other artists and crafters. I am excited! If you are interested in attending, please go to the website and check it out! I would be happy to see any of you!

>>> http://www.flatcon.com/index.shtml <<<<<<

I will be free all weekend to do commissions for anyone! I’m doing 8x11s for 15$ full color, and I’m doing sketch cards for tips! I can draw your D&D character, I can draw you in your cosplay, I can draw your favorite anime character, I can draw your dog!

Don’t hesitate to send me an email or Facebook message to let me know if you are going to attend!
Thanks all <3

BronyCon Review

Hi all! I had a great time with my bestie, Libby, at BronyCon this year. I was very happy to have a grand total of like 30 commissions for the weekend! I think I may have criminally undercharged for them, but I was happy to at least have been able to afford the trip out there. I was a little discouraged because I didn’t make as much as I had hoped, but at the same time, I had a lot of fun and the people at Pony conventions are seriously the most generous and kind. I got a lot of compliments and suggestions about my art, so there was a lot of lessons learned.

Anyways, here is a look at all the commissions I got to do! I only forgot to take a picture of one, but all the rest were pretty great!

Enjoy, and see you at TrotCon this weekend!!!

Ponysona for my friend Dave who lifts weights!!!!!!

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Convention plans for 2016

Hey all, thought I’d let you know my plans for the next year.

I have applied for the following so far:
KitsuneCon (Greenbay WI July 22 – July 24)
Colossalcon (Sandusky, OH, June 2-4)’

***Planning on applying to:***
AnimeCentral (Rosemont, IL May 20-22)
Anime Midwest (Rosemont, IL July 8 – 10)
TrotCon (Columbus, OH July 15-17)

I also am interested in Super Speedy Cider Con (in Knoxville TN) and of course Flatcon, although both are in October, so the exact date is yet to be determined…
We’ll see how this goes!

FlatCon Roundup

Hey y’all, thought I’d drop a note thanking the heck out of the local convention, FlatCon. They are what got me started on the Artist Alley Circuit and I haven’t looked back.
Here is what I got accomplished that weekend! Thanks to everyone who showed interest and commissioned me! 🙂


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